Recent Research Finds Link Between Anxiety and High IQ

The old saying “ignorance is bliss” might be correct after all, according to recent research. The phrase “ignorance is bliss” means that those who are unaware of things, be it situations, events, or circumstances, are more happy than those who are aware of these things. In other words, those who are more aware of things around them tend to be less happy and have more anxiety.

A recent study at Lakehead University in Canada surveyed one hundred students who were asked to complete a questionnaire about their anxiety levels. The students also completed a verbal IQ test. Results indicated that those with higher verbal IQs also reported having higher anxiety levels. A novel and interesting study by Israeli psychologists Tscahi Ein-Dor and Orgad Tal investigated IQ and anxiety. Instead of the typical procedure of completing a questionnaire, the students had to respond to an anxiety-producing event (although they were not aware that this was the test). The researchers found that the students with the highest IQs exhibited the greatest anxiety during the event. Conversely, those with lower IQs didn’t show much anxiety during the event. Results from these two studies suggest that people with higher IQs may also have higher anxiety.

A possible plus side to note is that current research hasn’t shown that people without anxiety are less intelligent. Finally, it has also been reported that those with high IQs and anxiety tend to avoid situations that would increase their risk of anxiety. Therefore, it seems people who have a high IQ and anxiety can use their intelligence to reduce their anxiety. Do you think your IQ is related to anxiety you might be experiencing? You can discover your IQ here.

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