IQ and Memory – Are They Related?

You may not believe it, but memory and IQ are related. According to Dr. Nauert at how much a person can remember is associated with intelligence. However, how detailed the memories are is not associated with intelligence. This is likely due to a form of memory called working memory. 

Working memory is very short and only holds information for a limited about of time (10-15 seconds). However, not all working memory is created equal, some people can only hold a few things in their working memory, others can hold a great deal. The average person can hold three to five items in their working memory. Imagine just getting a person’s phone number and trying to remember it, this is a great example of a working memory task. 

Since IQ and memory are linked, your IQ might show that you are having minor memory issues. You can take an IQ test and then try the following techniques to improve your memory. 

Dr. Klemm at suggests six ways for seniors to improve their memory, however, these techniques can be used by anyone: 

– Get Organized. In order to reduce the strain on your memory it is helpful to always place items in the same place. For example, always hanging your car keys on a hook by the door. 

– Concentrate. When you are doing something focus on that task and try to put yourself in a situation without distractions. 

– Eat well. This one may not come as a surprise, as having a balanced diet is linked to many health benefits. What you may not know though is that supplements usually don’t do much, unless you have a nutritional deficiency and really need them. 

– Exercise. Another one that probably isn’t too shocking. Vigorous aerobic exercise can improve your circulation, which may increase blood flow to the brain.

– Exercise the memory. Not only should you exercise your body, you should also exercise your mind. Doing something as small as crossword puzzles can help improve memory and stimulate the brain.

– Sleep. Having a proper night’s sleep is another one of those activities that improves overall health and mental function. 

About Test My Metrics:

We develop online testing tools so people can better understand their unique abilities. At Test My Metrics we believe in helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves. That’s why we created a simple online test to allow anyone to test their cognitive abilities and obtain their IQ score.

From Neuroscience, to Psychometrics to Digital Technology, we combine many diverse disciplines to create our proprietary, reliable and valid IQ test. Our goal is to make cognitive testing available to everyone. We collaborate closely with leading researchers from institutions around the world to develop and validate our online tests. 

About the Test My Metrics IQ Test:

We developed our Professional IQ Test after extensive study into the latest intelligence research and IQ measurement methods. Our goal was to develop an accurate, valid, reliable IQ test that was Culture-fair and could easily be given online.

The TMM IQ Test is based on a classic intelligence assessment called Raven’s Progressive Matrices. Raven’s Progressive Matrices (RPM) was originally developed by John C. Raven in 1936 and is still widely used today. It is a nonverbal test, meaning test takers do not need to respond verbally. Therefore, the test is suitable for a broad age range of test takers, from 5-year-olds to the elderly. Since RPM assesses non-verbal aspects of intelligence, it can also be applied to various cultures without requiring any changes. Finally, the test is easy to administer and score.

The questions on the test all consist of a 3×3 matrix. Each matrix is missing an element in the lower right corner. Test takers must choose which image is the missing element in the matrix from 8 possible answers.

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